Free Walking Tour Stockholm are a group of young street smart tourist guides offering daily tours for visitors to the Swedish capital. Early 2016, we worked on developing an interactive map providing information on their tour of Gamla Stan (Old Town). The purpose of the map was to give prospective tour takers an overview of the tour location, route and content in an interactive way.

project goals


The guide was to provide the essential information as well as offer some insight into what the tourists were going to experience on the tour.


A primary goal was that the map and guide was to work across all devices.


The goal with the design was to combine the persona of both Stockholm and the Old Town.


The guide was to have elements of interaction where the users could discover the tour on their own.


We established early on that we wanted a visual element to represent and give identity to the tour. This would also complement the written information for each stop along the way. Additionally, it was important to construct a flow that would engage users without giving too much away from the real-life experience. To achieve the project goals, we tested a number of libraries and technologies as a platform for the map. In the end, we found that open-source libraries would best meet the requirements of the guide as well as the client’s needs.

responsive design

dekstop mockup
mobile mockup

As with any project, we spent some time researching who the target users would be. Based upon this we determined that our main users (i.e. tour taker) would likely be a tourist visiting Sweden from abroad. They will generally rely on their mobile device during their holiday to access information. It was therefore integral that the guide work very well across all devices. We iterated through a number of designs for mobile in order to create a good user experience while still maintaining as much of the ‘desktop design’ as possible. We found in this case that less is more which resulted in a more streamlined version of the layout.

custom map markers

We enjoy developing custom designs as it allows us to create a strong and cohesive identity throughout the application. In this project, the map markers played a key role in the guide and we chose a unique palette and individual design for each tour stop. We wanted the markers to give people the feeling of Gamla Stan through the use of colour. Exploring various traditional Swedish colours we decided upon the iconic ‘Falu Rödfärg’. Dating back to the 16th century, it was produced using the pigments of copper. If you have visited Sweden, you will no doubt have seen it on the facade of many houses and buildings. In addition to the colour, we transformed photographs depicting each stop’s main attraction in an abstract way to resemble an old style street sign.

image sprite for map markers

While Stockholm and the Old Town has a long history, it is very much a modern and diverse city. The satellite image basemap and modern type was therefore used to contrast the older style markers.


client feedback

Stockholm Travel Agency AB - ett litet reseföretag. Vi är alltså inte något traditionellt reseföretag eftersom vi organiserar gratis rundvandringar. Vi hade en ide att ha en karta över en av våra rundturer. Geoshepherds överförde sedan vår idé till verklighet.Vår digitala rundtur går genom Gamla Stan Stockholm och kartan visar och berättar kort om några viktiga sevärdheter på turen. Kartan är mycket praktisk också för mobila användare.Vi fick flera positiva responser från våra kunder och börjar planera att beställa en ny karta till våra andra pågående projekt. Vi rekommenderar våra kollegor i branschen prova intressanta tjänster av Geoshepherds.

Lena Stockholm Free Walking Tours

We thoroughly enjoyed every part of this project. As designers and developers we were given some free reign within clear established guidelines. This allowed us to explore multiple concepts for the interactive guide that ultimately achieved the project goals.