L8M Australia

The Landsat-8 Mosaic over Australia consists of more than 7,692,000 km2 of imagery which has been orthorectified, radiometrically colour balanced and pansharpened. The imagery used is primarily captured in the dry season in order to provide a uniform appearance.

Together it forms a seamless and virtually cloudfree mosaic, providing customers with a product fitting a variety of applications. Whether your requirments are for a background image with an accurate geolocation, or for working with a large area of interest for the purpose of geographic and strategic analysis, then L8M Australia will have you covered.

The mosaic can be purchased as an off-the-shelf product and is available per-state or countrywide to suit your specific requirements.

The states are divided into six areas as follows; QLD, WA, NT, TAS, NSW-ACT-VIC, SA.

Unobstructed views

We aim to provide clarity by removing clouds, haze and smoke. Through this you can gain a clear and detailed view of your surroundings and explore the unique landscapes across the whole of Australia.

l8m australia unobstructed views

Fresh perspectives

We know that a lot changes through the years. L8M Australia provides an accurate and up-to-date image of the country,
facilitating change detection analysis and informed decision making.

Visualising change over time in Australia


Providing insights

We believe mosaics can be more than just a basemap. Using the impressive capabilities of Landsat-8, we’ve developed a diverse product which allows for large scale analysis and use across a variety of applications.

L8M Australia bands 7,4,6 L8M Australia bands 6,5,2 L8M Australia ndvi L8M Australia bands 5,7,1 L8M Australia bands 6,3,2
Band combination:

7, 4, 6
Common use:

L8M Australia bands 7,4,6 thumbnail
Band combination:

6, 5, 2
Common Use:

Monitoring crop
L8M Australia bands 6,5,2 thumbnail
Bands processed:

5, 4

L8M Australia ndvi thumbnail
Band combination:

5, 7, 1
Common use:

Tracking fine
L8M Australia bands 5,7,1 thumbnail
Band combination:

6, 3, 2
Common use:

L8M Australia bands 6,3,2 thumbnail

Technical specification

L8M Australia is supplied in uncompressed GeoTIFF 1deg x 1deg tiles in Geographic Latitude Longitude and 110,575.61m tiles in Universal Transverse Mercator WGS84 and are roughly 150MB in size. The compressed versions are provided on a state and/or country-wide basis formatted in JPEG2000 (Australia file size: 3.7GB and Australia States average file size: 380MB).*

*The full 16bit 7-band L8M Australia product can be delivered un-tiled and uncompressed in GeoTIFF format upon request.

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Source data

Landsat 8


0.00015dd Lat Long WGS84

15m UTM WGS84

Spectral mode

7 band (Coastal Aerosol, Red, Green, Blue, NIR, SWIR 1 + 2

Location Accuracy

12m CE90


Lat Long WGS84


File format

GeoTIFF and JPEG2000

Timeframe of acquisition

Feb 2013 to Oct 2015


7,692,024 km2

Dynamic range

8-bit and 16-bit

Cloud coverage

< 1%

Mapping Scale


How to purchase

If you are interested in purchasing an L8M Australia Mosiac product, please select the EULA from the options below that fit within your organisation and purpose. Choose one or more products that you are interested in and complete the form by filing in your details. Once the request has been submitted, you will hear from us within 24 hours to provide you with a quote. All quotes are valid within 30 days of issuance.

Alternatively, you are able to purchase the L8M Australia Mosaic product through one of our preferred sales partners. Please contact us to find out more.

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Australia - Natural Colour
Griffith, NSW - False Colour
Brisbane, QLD - Natural Colour
Flinders Ranges, SA - Natural Colour
Perth, WA - False Colour
Uluru, NT - Natural Colour